Trails Tab Help

The default map view includes trailheads, bike lanes and routing, with a set basemap of Fort Wayne and Allen County.

The tools located in the upper left hand corner of the map include the zoom options, Map or Imagery (satellite), Select or Routing, Current GPS Location and the Clear option to clear routing or trail selection.

Map Features:

There are a variety of map features available that you can access from the green bar just above the map. Map Options will allow you to turn on/off a variety of features including: restrooms, benches, drinking fountains, trailheads and bike lanes. In the default view, trailheads and bike lanes are included on the map but can be easily removed by unselecting those options.


To create a route, place your mouse (or finger on a smart phone) on the section of trail where you want to start. This will place a dot on the trail. Place your mouse (or finger on a smart phone) on the section of trail where you want to end. This will place a dot at the ending point, prompting the program to determine the routing, mileage and directions. Currently, the routing feature only provides point-to-point mileage for trails only. The bike lanes and routes are available for reference only.

The select arrow can be used to identify a single trail name and mileage.

By selecting this icon, the GPS will show your current location on the map. The GPS will not stay active. Each time you want to find your location, you have to select the icon.

This button allows the user to switch between a standard map view and a satellite view.

Use the + or – symbols or your computer mouse for zooming in or out of the map.