Parks Tab Help

The default map view includes parks and a few other symbols referring to other facilities, with a set basemap of Fort Wayne and Allen County.

The tools located in the upper left hand corner of the map include the zoom options, map or imagery (satellite), and the current GPS Location.

Map Features:

There are a variety of map features that you can access from the green bar just above the map. These park amenities may be selected to define a search for particular parks that have those select amenities. When you hover over the symbols the definition of the symbol pops up. (Note, hovering over the icons will only work when accessing the website from a desktop. The hover feature does not work on smartphones or tablets.) When clicking on the sports icon numerous sports related icons appear. Searches are then possible by a particular sports field or courts located in particular parks. Simply click on the particular icon of interest and those particular parks with those features will show. To restart your search, click the x to default to the original map. If you select multiple amenities at the same time, only parks with all of the selected amenities will show on the map. In order to search for only one amenity at a time, make sure only one amenity is highlighted. To the far right of the symbols you will see a Trails icon that can be toggled on or off depending on whether you wish to view potential trail segments.

If you click on a particular park in the map view you will see the address, be able to get directions as well as be able to check out vital park information including amenities in a Park Information box. You will also see a Fun Times Events box that will feature any specific programming held at that park during the particular season. From this box you can click on Details & Registration if you wish to register for a particular class or, for Special Events, you will be directed to call the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department, 260-427-6000.


By selecting this icon, the GPS will show your current location on the map. The GPS will not stay active. Each time you want to find your location, you have to select the icon. You can also search by park name or address in the bar adjacent to the crosshairs icon.

This button allows the user to switch between a standard map view and a satellite view.

Use the + or – symbols or your computer mouse for zooming in or out of the map.

For questions about the iMap, please contact the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department, 260.427.6000