Fun Times Tab Help

The default map view includes parks and other venues where the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department offers seasonal programs, with a set basemap of Fort Wayne and Allen County.

The tools located in the upper left hand corner of the map i nclude the zoom options, map or imagery (satellite), and the current GPS Location.

Map Features:

You can access the Fun Times features from the green bar just above the map. Simply select the appropriate age category of your search and then a sub category organized by program area. For example you could select Youth Athletics then hit the filter button and you will be able to see the Park locations and the other locations where particular classes are held for this age segment this particular season including the address and direction information. If you select an age category with an activity where no programs exist for a particular season, the page will provide a small window in the lower left corner of the screen stating that no program currently exist for that category. When you click on the park or other venue general Park information and Fun Times events boxes will show corresponding to your search criteria. If you see a particular class of interest, simply click Details and Registration and you will be directed to our registration system for that particular class. To start a new search click on the “Show All” button and then you will begin a new search. For Special Events you will be directed to call the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department, 260.427.6000.


By selecting this icon, the GPS will show your current location on the map. The GPS will not stay active. Each time you want to find your location, you have to select the icon.

This button allows the user to switch between a standard map view and a satellite view.

Use the + or – symbols or your computer mouse for zooming in or out of the map.

For questions about the iMap, please contact the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department, 260.427.6000